This article is part of our Online Visibility series on how to increase your online reach and attract more customers


Business on the internet has changed a lot over the last few years. Having an online identity has become vital in growing a business, as it can open up a whole new channel of customers you might not have thought of before. That's why we always recommend Google My Business to our clients.

What is Google My Business?

When searching for a business, you may have noticed a profile section on the right side of the page on desktop, or the top of search results on mobile. This is a Google My Business listing. For example, if you were to search for 'T J Dixon Limited', you would be shown this.


google my business search listing


Google My Business is a great free way to advertise your local business to Google search visitors. My Business listings include lots of data about your business that allows people searching to see who you are, what you do, what others think of your business, when you're open and where you are based.


Why is it important?

72% of smartphone users search locally before visiting a store within 5 miles, so it's more important than ever to be easy to find online. A huge advantage of using Google My Business is the ability to show up in local searches. For example, if I searched for 'Web design companies in Humberston' you would find all the different relevant businesses in that area, as shown below.


google my business


Google My Business makes it incredibly easy for basic information about your business to be found. The way people are finding businesses nowadays is rapidly changing, and studies show that over 70-80% of people research a company online before making a purchase, so getting your business online is crucial to accessing a whole new demographic of potential customers.

How to create a Google My Business listing

In order to create your free Google My Business listing, simply follow these simple steps.


  1. Visit and click "Start Now"
  2. Select or create the Google account you want to use and sign in
  3. Search for your business in the prompted area by name and address
  4. If you are not a local business click on the prompt "Not a local business?". You then need to select your business type. The Brand option directs you to create a non-local Google + page
  5. If you cannot find your business that means it was not added, simply click "None of these matches, add your business" and fill in the required information to add your business.
  6. Once you have found or created your correct business location and type, click on it
  7. Google will now create your Google+ page with your address you entered. Check "I am authorized to manage this business" and click continue.
  8. Google will need you to verify your business so click on "Mail me my Code". Your code will be sent to your business location.


The next step is to add a profile photo to the account. To do so click "Add profile photo" under the profile % completion bar on your dashboard.

Continue the same process to add your business hours, contact information, any additional photos, your website, and finally an intro to your page. Then click "Done Editing".

Moving forward to make your business listing more relevant to your potential customers, ask your customers to write reviews about your business.


Need a hand?


If you'd like more information about setting up a Google My Business page, or would like us to set one up for you, feel free to get in touch so we can discuss it with you. You can call us, drop us an email, Tweet us, or message us on any of our social media platforms.

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