Looking for a dedicated team to manage the upkeep of your servers? You're in the right place.

Server Support


If your company relies on servers, then having trained professionals on-hand is a must. Our experienced team can make sure your servers are always up and running. We're heavily experienced in installing, configuring, and maintaining servers, so whatever your needs are, we can deliver. From setting up server racks and OS installation to GPO setup, we've got you covered.

Active Directory


We understand that having a well maintained directory of staff is a crucial part of managing access and security within any company - That's why we specialise in the setup and management of Microsoft Active Directory, enabling companies to control access to information and device updates. Whether you're looking to store your AD on-site or in the cloud, we've got you covered. We're experts in the setup and management of Azure Active Directory, allowing you to manage all company devices, and giving you the ability to wipe company data from them remotely.

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Anti Virus Management


Want to make sure your servers are secure and protected against malicious software? We can help recommend, set up, and manage anti-virus software for your system, while making sure you always have the latest version to ensure maximum security.

Disaster Recovery Planning


A massive 60% of business fail within 6 months of critical data loss, which is why it's important to plan for such a disaster. We work alongside you to formulate a set of policies and procedures to ensure the protection of your data during a catastrophic event, be it due to human-error or a natural disaster, such as a fire or a flood, and also help to get your business back on its feet in wake of the aftermath.