John Spendluffe Technology College Room Management

John Spendluffe Technology College


John Spendluffe Technology College is a non-selective converter academy with a Technology specialism in Alford, Lincolnshire.


John Spendluffe Technology College (JSTC) searched for an electronic solution to allow the college to manage room availability. The historic and now troublesome paper room booking system required teachers to visit the room they wished to book in order to reserve it. JSTC approached T J Dixon Limited to assist in finding or developing an electronic solution to replace the paper one.


Initial analysis of the requirements found that a number of solutions had already been trialled, but failed to meet the requirements of the college. Further research into possible solutions failed to identify a pre-existing solution that would meet all the college's needs.

An open source solution was identified as meeting 85% of the requirements, and allowed for customisation to meet the full requirements. The solution was presented along with a fixed cost to develop the system to the college’s requirements.

The system had the ability to be supported and maintained by the college’s IT team, which as a result, was an exact match to the college’s needs.

The solution was implemented successfully and is in daily use with a reduction in administration time for all teaching and administration staff.