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Singleton Birch Ltd approached T J Dixon Limited after looking for a logging device that would record the temperature of a testing process using a specific protocol of intervals without any success.


Research into the market found that no device provided the functionality required with the simplicity and cost needed. A range of devices which could be integrated with a computer was identified and discussed with Singleton Birch, and one of the devices was selected as being suitable. T J Dixon Limited proposed a bespoke application to record the temperature readings and integrate directly into existing spreadsheets to remove manual transcription of data.

The application needed to handle complex protocols, but at the same time have a simple user interface for the regular testing. User interface design was discussed with all users and mock versions tested to ensure the application provided the simple and easy to use interface required.

The testing process is now streamlined removing manual transcription of data and immediately recording the results which reduces the chance of error and saves time.

The system is now used daily at Singleton Birch and is providing a fully auditable quality system.