Contact Form Integration

What is Mail Chimp - Contact Form Integration?

Our Mail Chimp Contact Form Integration plugin automatically adds the name and email address to a Mail Chimp List (of your choosing via the plugin parameters) when someone contacts you through your contact form.

Who is it for?

This plugin is for anyone that wants to build a user base that they can send newsletter to via Mail Chimp.

Why Create Mail Chimp - Contact Form Integration

We needed an extension that would capture the contact form details and add them to our Mail Chimp mailing list. The majority of the Mail Chimp extensions on the Joomla! Extension Directory related to adding modules on your site and allowing visitors to sign-up to a newsletter where as we wanted to catch contact form submissions.

How it works

Once the plugin is installed and you have entered your 'API Key' and 'List ID' - the plugin takes care of the rest. When a visitor submits your contact form - Joomla! will call our plugin and in turn we will process the visitors name and email address - sending them to Mail Chimp where they will be added to your specified list

Contact Form Integration Road Map

  • The ability to add 'areas of interest' to users when they contact you